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WELCOME to “Rå Hygge” a Nordic based community brand. It does not matter how you pronounce “hygge” [‘hygə], as it is more a feeling than a word. Some say it is a feeling of togetherness and atmosphere - of home. In Denmark, coffee is the first thing Danes think about when they want to hygge.  As we drink most coffee per capita in the world in our region, we want to offer the best cup for both people and planet not compromising on taste. 


An umami effect ?

We might think that if something is good for us and healthy, it does not necessarily taste good. Fortunately, it's not the case in our mushroom coffee because we have carefully balanced them with the taste of the coffee, so that you can actually taste several notes of, for example vanilla from chaga. We like to call this addition to flavours, an umami effect, as we know from Eastern cuisine when adding mushrooms.


Enduring Energy ·
Balancing Boosts

We would like that everyone who loves coffee, should be able to drink it without experiencing side effects and in addition to have an even better coffee experience. We would like to compare the effect of adding mushrooms in the coffee, to green or black tea, which are invigorating but with less ups and downs. But mushroom coffee can also be compared to some guarana based energy drinks with longer and more enduring energy. Coffee has many health-promoting properties already and combined with the mushrooms it becomes an amazing energizing drink with the right balancing effect. 

the mushrooms balance the caffeine effect on the body

enduring energy & balancing boosts


Delicious and life-changing


"This is my first taste of mushroom coffee and I am so delighted. I was worried about the taste, but it’s absolutely delicious and there is no mushroom taste. I’m so much more focused and I don’t have the coffee lows. Thank you for making this product. I’m a customer for life now!"

— January 2020, Amazon

Latte Art

 Good flavor!


“I LOVE this coffee. Great way to get away from the traditional store-bought brands. The flavor is great, I feel great when I drink it. It's a little pricey, but worth it..”

— Catherine, Amazon

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