About the journey

We drink most coffee per capita in the world in the
Nordic region (see graph). 

However, consumers pay a price on their bodies, as coffee is quite acidic and caffeine cravings come with a crash of energy which again stimulates us to drink more coffee. We want to reverse this cycle of addiction with a better coffee which is less acidic and where the caffeine effect is more balancing.


The coffee should of course also taste as good as gourmet coffee tastes today without compromising neither on the environment nor the people who farm the coffee beans. 


Have you heard about mushroom coffee? It may sound strange, but adding medicinal mushrooms to coffee, creates a more balanced cup of coffee without the big fluctuations we recognise from traditional coffee. These medical mushrooms act as so-called "adaptogens" and can assist in reducing the stress response of the caffeine and side effects associated with caffeine intake such as accelerated heart rate, adrenaline rate and gastric acidity. Adaptogenic plants help the body to better manage stress, exhaustion and overwork. Adapt means to adapt, and adaptogens adapt the body's balances so that the inner biochemistry works optimally.

We also work with reducing the acidity of the coffee with higher pH in the post treatment after roasting the coffee.
The well-known rich taste from the coffee is also not affected - on the contrary, it is added something reminiscent of an umami effect.


We want to introduce a product range of selected flavored coffee beans mixed with medical mushrooms that will lift your coffee experience and make it better and more balanced.
The coffee beans are, of course, organic and carefully selected tastefully for the most discerning palate. It’s not an instant coffee blend but we have carefully chosen these coffee beans so that you don’t have to change the way you drink coffee today. 


We want to take part in expanding Eastern wisdom about medicinal mushrooms and combine them in drinks and foods which have stimulating properties like coffee, tea and chocolate because of the balancing properties that the mushrooms have on stimulants. 

Our vision is to offer products, which we all love to consume on a daily basis, combining them with some of the most vitalizing and super charged ingredients.
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