RECIPE: Organic Arabica coffee (98%), organic
dual-extracted instant reishi (Ganoderma
lucidum) (2%). 


Our content of instant reishi is 4520 mg per package or appr. 226 mg per cup and consists of 30% polysaccharides and 2% triterpenes. Recommended dosage: 15 g coffee for one cup of coffee.

NOTE: Extracts are water soluble and not to be compared to dried powders. Extracts are 5-10 times stronger than powders. Powders with mycelium cost much less, aren’t water soluble and don’t give the desired effect combined in the coffee. Dual extractiob ensure maximum amount of health benefits. 

Best served fresh-roasted like any other coffee.Store in a cool place.


ROASTING PROFILE: Medium Roast. Thanks to the mushroom extract the espresso is very concentrated and can seem stronger than other dark roasts. This can be misleading when looking at the color of the whole beans which are coated with the dark almost black extract (instant powder).


TASTE PROFILE: Balanced and medium-bodied coffee with an umami taste of the subtle extract.  


ORIGINS: Green beans from small organic farmers in Peru. Organic mushroom extract from China.

REISHI COFFEE - Organic gourmet coffee / infused with reishi mushroom

kr 80,00Price
  • 227 g or 8 oz. SERVING SIZE: 12 g or 0,42 oz per cup or 18 cups per bag.

    STORAGE: Store in cool and dark place. Once opened store in an airtight container. 


    FUNCTIONALITY: Enduring energy and balancing boosts as the extract helps to balance the effect of the caffeine. Adaptogens are not treatments or cures, but they are unique in their ability to enhance the body’s natural defense mechanisms against the stresses of daily life to support health. Adaptogens work in synergy with normal bodily processes without any serious side effects. Reishi also contribute to lower acidity.
    In addition, we do a natural after treatment of the roasted coffee beans increasing the pH of the coffee from around 5,0 (or even as low as 4,3 in normal coffee) to around 6,0.  



    REISHI AS MEDICINAL MUSHROOM: Reishi or LingZhi (in China), mushroom translates in Vietnamese to “supernatural mushroom”. Like most adaptogenic herbs, reishi supports and balances the endocrine and hormonal systems in the body, which are likely related to its spiritually activating properties. Hormones are the ‘molecules of consciousness’—powerful biopeptides that control mood, perception, sleep-wake cycles, bonding and connection and our awareness of reality. Reishi’s effects on the hormonal system is legendary. Its gentle yet powerful, working to balance the body’s many glands and organs steadily overtime, which makes it ideal for daily use.

    Reishi mushrooms also strengthen the liver, which aids in the detoxification of harmful toxins and heavy metals from the body and can help greatly with allergies be it to foods or environmental pollens and pollutants. The Japanese government officially lists reishi mushrooms as a cancer treatment.

    N.B. We are continuously working on getting the latest research in the field of medicinal mushrooms. However due to strict EU laws on claims, we ask you to check your market for any claims. Please ask for specific reports and check e.g., or  


    HISTORICAL FACTS (from Wikipedia): The name of the lingzhi fungus has a two thousand-year-old history. The Old Chinese name was first recorded during the Han dynasty (206 BC – 9 AD). In the Chinese language, língzhī   
    is a compound. It comprises líng ; “spirit, spiritual; soul; miraculous; sacred; divine; mysterious; efficacious; effective)” as, for example, in the name of the Lingyan Temple in Jinan, and zhī (    ); “(traditional) plant of longevity; fungus; seed; branch; mushroom; excrescence”).

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