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RECIPE: Organic Arabica coffee (98%), organic
Dual-extracted Instant chaga (inonotus obliquus) (2%). Please check local recommendations for novel food. In Finland it is approved by the food authorities as a drink (thus food status) but in Denmark as a supplement with following addition to the legal text: Warning: contains caffeine and should not be consumed by children under the age of 3, pregnant women or women who breastfeed. Recommended daily dosage: 3 cups with 12g of ground coffee per cup.



Caffeine supplement as drink. Contains 90 mg caffeine and 226 mg Chaga per serving. Ingredients: Caffeine from organis coffee beans 98%, organic instant Chaga extract from Inonotus obliquus L. 2%.

Recommended serving: 12 g of grinded beans ( 4 teaspoons) in 2 dl. of boiling water (92-96° degrees).


DK/S/N: Chagakaffe kosttilskud / Koffein kosttilskud som drik. Indeholder 90 mg koffein og 226 mg chaga per dosis.

Ingredienser: Økologisk Arabica kaffe (98%), økologisk instant chaga (birke- spejlsporesvamp) (2%). Advarsel: Højt koffeinindhold, bør ikke indtages af børn under 12 år, gravide eller ammende uden forudgående aftale med læge eller sundhedsplejerske. Dagdosis: 3 portioner Chaga kosttilskud. Dosering: En kop Chaga/koffein kosttilskud laves af 12 g kaffe, hvilket svarer til 4 teskeer med top blandet med 2 dl kogende vand (92-96° grader). 


NOTE: Extracts are water soluble and not to be compared to dried powders. Extracts are 5-10 times stronger than powders. Powders with mycelium cost much less, aren’t water soluble and don’t give the desired effect combined in the coffee. Dual extraction ensure maximum amount of health benefits. 


ROASTING PROFILE: Dark Roast. Thanks to the mushroom extract the espresso is very concentrated and can seem stronger than other dark roasts. This can be misleading when looking at the color of the whole beans which are coated with the dark almost black extract (instant powder).


TASTE PROFILE: Rich and full-bodied with nutty notes of almond and delightful earthy aroma from the mushroom extract. The chaga extract adds an umami effect and we find it best balanced in a dark roast coffee. Drank as a tea the chaga mushroom has a distinct flavor. 


ORIGINS: Green beans from small organic farmers in Peru. Organic mushroom extract either from Finland or Siberia.

CHAGA COFFEE SUPPLEMENT - Organic gourmet coffee infused with chaga mushroom

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  • 227 g or 8 oz. SERVING SIZE: 12 g or 0,42 oz per cup or 18 cups per bag.

    STORAGE: Store in cool and dark place. Once opened store in an airtight container. 



    FUNCTIONALITY: Chaga acts as an adaptogen, thus balancing the effect of the caffeine. Adaptogens are not treatments or cures, but they are unique in their ability to enhance the body’s natural defense mechanisms against the stresses of daily life to support health. Adaptogens work in synergy with normal bodily processes without any serious side effects. Mushrooms also contribute to lower acidity. In addition, we do a natural after treatment of the roasted coffee beans increasing the pH of the coffee from around 5,0 (or even as low as 4,3) to around 6,0.  


    CHAGA AS MEDICINAL FUNGI: Chaga extract’s immune-supporting power outshines several known superfoods with its high ORAC value (rich in antioxidants). Other constituents such as polysaccharides, beta-glucans, and polyphenols provide additional natural support for cellular defenses, and can contribute to boosting energy levels. The potential wellness benefits of chaga are numerous. Evolutionarily speaking, fungi are more closely related to humans than plants. This fact may be why many of the components that help mushrooms defend themselves against their enemies also support your body’s defense mechanisms and are increasingly being seen as a legitimate means to enhance your health and well-being.


    N.B. We are continuously working on getting the latest research in the field of medicinal mushrooms. However due to strict EU laws on claims, we ask you to check your market for any claims. Please ask for specific reports and check e.g., or See also medicinal fungi on Wikipedia 



    HISTORICAL FACTS: The people of Ural Mountains (Russia) knew Chaga for centuries and in 12th century the Russian king Vladimir Manomah was widely known for his great appreciation and knowledge of the uses of Chaga. Among the first people to use chaga for medicinal purposes are the Khanty (formerly called the Ostyak) in West Siberia, and the word “chaga” is derived from the Khanty language. Chaga featured in Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s 1967 novel Cancer Ward (from Wikipedia). In Finland it was used among others as a substitute for coffee during the 2. World war.