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We would like to lift the general expectation for a good cup of coffee while contributing to a positive development of coffee culture. Coffee is not only helping us wake up in the morning. It’s the livelihood and income for more than 25 mio. people globally and a daily ritual to many, many more. The only thing we drink more than coffee is water.


More and more people are getting recommendations from their doctor to limit the coffee intake due to acid reflux or their diet in general. Also many are sensitive to caffeine and have a harder time with the rush and crash effect of it. It would be a shame if we limit or stop drinking coffee as it is an important global commodity affecting the balance of global south and north, it has many health benefits already and it’s also such an integral part of our culture. 

The mushroom coffee will help you enjoy coffee without the side effects we know otherwise. The mushroom extract is water soluble and mixed in the beans so that the extract can dissolve easily when you make your coffee in the traditional way. The process of producing the extracts is long and requires a lot of knowledge to ensure that the health benefits are also preserved. We have also chosen the organic extracts, although it is hard to find especially the wild-grown chaga organic certified.

Wild Chaga mushroom 


the mushrooms

The medicinal mushrooms are some of the world's most recognised herbs in traditional medicine in the areas where they grow. These mushrooms all grow on trees and should not be mixed with euphoric mushrooms. In the Nordic countries (especially Finland and Sweden), we are mostly familiar with the chaga mushroom, which grow on birch trees and which has traditionally been drunk as tea, thanks to its high content of anti-oxidants that help strengthen the immune system.


Due to European legislation about claims, we are careful claiming about all the health benefits of the mushrooms specifically, so please do your own research on-line as fortunately our world wide web can offer this information to us. 

-Chaga grows on 1/10,000 birch trees in the colder northern hemisphere climates and grows on average ½ an inch per year. Chaga is an adaptogen and a powerful and strong antioxidant known for centuries by natives to help maintain good health. In ancient texts, chaga is referred to as ‘The king of herbs’, ‘The diamond of the forest’, and ‘The gift of nature’. 


-The reishi mushroom is an adaptogen known for several thousands of years for its health benefits. Combined in coffee, reishi mushrooms balance the caffeine effect on the body with prolonged energy and power and lowers the acidity (higher pH) than normal coffee. 

-Lion’s mane or, as it is called in Japanese, mountain priest mushroom, has long been used as a general restorative and support for the functions of the mind.

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